About Me

Love is a special gift, and a wedding is a commitment of that gift.

Your wedding is a celebration of your love, so it should be a day full of special memories that you will cherish for years.

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant, I create and perform ceremonies for my clients, which are stylish and professional. I can help you shape your dream wedding and make it a reality, while still fulfilling all the legal requirements of marriage. Your ceremony can be either traditional or low key and all aspects of the ceremony can be customised based on the preferences of the couple.

Every ceremony I do is unique. As there are no two marriages the same, it is only fitting that there are no two ceremonies the same. I listen very carefully to each individual couples needs and as a result each couple is provided with a personal unique ceremony, which reflects their relationship and commitment to one another. My background in fashion, events, marketing and charity gives me a wide variety of people and organisational skills.

I hope I can be part of your wedding day and the most important day of your life.

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