Other Ceremonies

Naming Ceremony

A child will make love stronger
Days shorter
Nights Longer
Pay packets emptier
Homes happier
Clothes shabbier
The past forgotten
And the future worth living

The naming ceremony is an important Rite of Passage in Australian society. Our cultural diversity is expressed within the ceremony making it a unique and personal event for many families, allowing them to welcome their new family member in a manner that is meaningful and memorable. A Naming Ceremony is a significant and fulfilling experience for all involved.

Usually preformed for a new child, parents use this ceremony to introduce their child into their wider circle of their family and friends.

A certificate for the child as well as godparents / guardians / mentors, are issued to record the event.

Renewal Of Vows

For a variety of reasons, many couples decide to renew and reaffirm previously made vows. Some couples wish to renew their love and commitment to one another and share once again with family and friends.

Significant wedding anniversaries are also wonderful to celebrate with a reaffirmation ceremony, possibly involving children and grandchildren.

Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a formal approach to celebrate and honour a partnership, usually of same sex couples. It has no legal requirements or conditions.

These ceremonies are for couples that have made a commitment to each other and wish to formalise their union by publicly declaring their promises in the presence of family and friends.