It is important that the ceremony composed is one that you both want. A customised ceremony enables you to personalise your day. Your marriage ceremony should capture your relationship and personalities. With my assistance, your ceremony can run smoothly and be hassle-free.

Once you have called me to establish the time, date and venue for your wedding we will book your fist obligation free appointment. At our first meeting we will get to know each other and discuss your ideas, venues, expectations and wishes.

Upon booking your ceremony with me we will lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage and I will need to sight your birth certificates. If you have been married previously, you must produce either the original of your Divorce Certificate (Degree Absolute), or the Death Certificate of your former spouse.

I will give you an extensive resource kit for the design of your wedding ceremony. I will provide you with Sample Ceremonies, Sample Readings and Rituals to prepare you for your wedding. You can include any special elements you like.

My Services include:

  1. A personalized ceremony written for you, which incorporates your own ideas. You will receive a Presentation / Commemorative copy of your wedding ceremony. These can also be given to both your parents.
  2. Two consultations to complete paperwork and plan your wedding ceremony.
  3. A rehearsal at the Ceremony venue. Rehearsals familiarise all parties with the ceremony itself; who stands where, who speaks when, etc…
  4. Use of my resources such as a portable ceremony table, tablecloth and chair with cover, PA with CD player and a microphone for readers.
  5. All legal documentation completed and submitted. I will supply all Forms to be completed.

You have total control to ensure that your day is everything you imagine. I look forward to helping you plan your ceremony from beginning to end, ensuring your special occasion is perfect.